what i do


for universities

MÍOSTA workshops focus on : :
☽ reusable + alternative menstrual products
☽ debunking menstrual shame + stigma
☽ environmental concerns, menstrual activism + period poverty
☽ + more!

MÍOSTA offers two workshops : :
☽ half workshop for 2 hours
☽ full workshop for 3.5 hours
get in touch for workshop details + prices

MÍOSTA also offers the option to hold a stall at your university fairs (Freshers + so on), as well as consultancy services for your university community

for communities

these workshops are also suitable for other communities, such as feminist, environmental, zero waste or LGBT+ communities. please get in touch if you would like to host a MÍOSTA workshop + we can discuss how the workshops can be tailored for your community.

for schools

MÍOSTA is currently in the process of adapting its workshops for primary and secondary schools, please get in touch if you would like to host a pilot workshop at your school.

learn more about upcoming + past events here