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"Students that attended the Míosta workshop spoke very highly of Charlotte and her knowledge of all things menstrual! It was great to be able to show people how they can look after themselves and the environment at the same time. So many students have been asking about buying products now that they've had the chance to see and interact with them. It's taken the fear of the unknown away." - Melissa Plunkett, Welfare Officer UCDSU, 2018

"Charlotte is phenomenal. She really knows her stuff and is so engaging with students. It was an absolute pleasure to be able to host her workshop and discuss menstrual health in such an open and refreshing way. I would highly recommend!" - UCC, 2018

"As a participant, I felt that Míosta addresses some of the real practical concerns of using environment friendly menstruation products, and after attending Charlotte's workshop in DCU earlier this year, I started using menstrual cups. Even though I had heard about them earlier, her demonstrations of easiest ways to fold etc really helped make the plunge. And I love it now. Thank you, Míosta! Keep up the good work! ♥️💃" - Arpita, DCU workshop, 2019

"The Míosta workshop was a beautiful open and supportive space where people shared period stories, learned about reusable menstrual options, cycle tracking apps and the history of contraception. But most significantly we learned that we are not alone in our period experiences. Every person who has a period or knows and loves someone with a period would benefit from attending this workshop." - Lydia, EDEN workshop, 2019

"I loved how the Míosta workshop was so interactive. Charlotte incorporated art and poetry and it was a real breath of fresh air compared to just being talked at. Charlotte was an excellent facilitator and the workshop was really fun and engaging."" - Anna, DCU workshop, 2019

participants have also said...

"I felt very comfortable, Charlotte was really warm and knew her stuff!!!" - anonymous, Maynooth University, 2019

"I was very happy with learning about the different products available and hear about the different experiences of all the people who attended it." - anonymous, UCD, 2018

"The information about the eco products was amazing and super helpful. I also loved the open and freeflowing conversation that was had throughout the workshop, it was such a positive environment." - anonymous, Maynooth University, 2019

and that they found these parts of the workshops worked really well...

"The ability to ask intimate questions without feeling shy, a dialogue with us attendees rather than a lecture" - anonymous, UCC, 2018

"Experience sharing and personal advice from the host" - anonymous, UCD, 2018

"Informal nature and the chatty flow" - anonymous, DCU, 2019