menstrual products

MÍOSTA workshop participants will be able to touch, feel + see a variety of reusable + alternative menstrual products, giving participants plenty of opportunities to ask questions about how to use this wide array of products.

listed here are all of the menstrual cups, reusable pads, period underwear + sea sponges displayed at workshops, as well as discount codes to get you started! included are prices and shipping estimates to make it easier for menstruators to choose the right product for their period.

check out this article by The Greedy Herbivore all about where to buy menstrual cups + reusable pads in Ireland

to support the MÍOSTA project please consider purchasing your menstrual goodies using the affiliate links!

(*shipping costs are estimates only to the Republic of Ireland)

  • lavender and chili
    reusable pads + more made in Ireland
    use code MIOSTA10 for 10% off any order from €35
    pads start at €5 + shipping from €2.50
  • mooncup
    soft silicone menstrual cups from the UK, two sizes available
    €31.95 + free delivery
    shop through this link to support the MÍOSTA project
    also available at Boots + health food stores in Ireland
  • organicup
    menstrual cups from Copenhagen, two sizes available
    use code MIOSTA for 20% off!
    €24.00 each, shipping* starts at €3.75
  • ruby cup
    menstrual cups in two sizes (with fun colours!) by this european company
    plus they donate one cup for each cup bought!
    use code MIOSTA for 15% off!
    €28.95, shipping* €5.70
  • kulmine
    German company making a wide range of soft organic reusable pads
    prices start at €13.45, shipping* €4.50
    they also sell menstrual cups + sea sponges
    (website only in German!)
    shop through this link to support the MÍOSTA project
  • lena cup
    menstrual cups, including models for sensitive users, $24.90
    $5 discount with code LENA-MIOSTA
  • lunapads
    reusable pads + period underwear in various styles, as well as diva cups
    pads start at $11.99, underwear at $31.99 + diva cups at $39.99
    shipping* $15
    use code PeriodProven for 10% off
  • thinx
    period pants, reusable tampon applicators + more from the US
    variety of styles, starting at $30, shipping* $8.01
    get $10 off using this link
  • honour your flow
    the softest reusable pads with a wide variety for different flows
    made by a team of mothers in the UK
    prices start at £6.40, shipping* £5
  • natracare
    plastic free, organic cotton, biodegradable tampons and pads
    available in health food stores around Ireland
    tampons start at €2.30 for ten, pads start at €2.80 for twelve
  • me luna
    german company making menstrual cups, reusable pads + sea sponges
    multiple sizes + styles available
    prices start at €15 for cups, shipping* €5.80
  • lunette
    two sizes of menstrual cups, €31.89
    shipping* €8
  • natural intimacy
    unbleached sea sponges, prices start at £12.50 per pack
    shipping* £9.95
  • gladrags
    reusable pads in plenty of colours with organic options
    day pads, night pads + panty liners available
    prices start at $14.99, shipping* $25
    shop through this link to get 40% off a pantyliner
    or use the code TRY1 for $5 off cups + cloth pads/pantyliners
  • party in my pants
    reusable pads in 13 unique sizes + 60 plus patterns!
    prices start at $9.99, shipping* $13.99
    a free sample pad can be yours for the price of shipping
  • domino pads
    hand dyed + natural bamboo reusable pads, also sell me luna cups
    pads start at $11.15, shipping* $14.00
  • juju
    Australian menstrual cups (for €33.79), reusable pads (starting at €6)
    + period underwear

any questions about switching to reusable + alternative menstrual products?
drop me an email or check out upcoming MÍOSTA events around ireland

if you have made the switch to reusables and want to donate any unopened packs of menstrual products The Homeless Period have a number of drop off points around the country. these donations support homeless women + women in crisis living in Ireland who have limited or no access to sanitary product + are often forced to go without.