inspiring organisations + individuals

there are so many incredible organisations doing work to empower menstruators, make periods affordable + sustainable, further menstrual research + increase our knowledge of menstrual health. here are just a few that inspire me!


Clean Your Cup have a map of public bathrooms with private sinks where menstruators can clean their cups while out + about. you can add to it too with their fab stickers!

☽ Iris of Cycle Seeds does incredible work on cycle + sexual wellbeing. she created the awesome concept #periodretreat to describe how she takes time off during her period. check out her page for amazing period tips.

No More Taboo are creating a period-friendly world for everyone through empowering programmes + workshops on period poverty + education.

The Red School provides workshops on menstruality, the female life process of menarche, the menstrual cycle, menopause and the mature years.

Period Portraits is an incredibly powerful storytelling project focusing on challenging + breaking down the stigma of menstruation through vulnerable interviews + empowering photographed portraits.

☽ Cass Bliss, aka The Period Prince, charts their journey as a nonbinary activist + educator for those who are #BleedingWhileTrans.


Gynae Geek is a London based NHS doctor who offers reliable, evidence-based information about women's health to all the questions you were too afraid to ask!

☽ the Menstrual Health Hub is a global organisation which brings together all of the different sectors working on periods. on their website you can find a map of organisations working in menstrual health around the world, as well as a whole host of research, education, policy + innovation resources.

☽ the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research was founded in 1977 to centre the menstrual cycle in research about women's health. they now hold bi-yearly conferences + support multi-disciplinary research on the menstrual cycle.

Period Equity are a law + policy organisation fighting to ensure that menstrual products are affordable, safe + available to those who need them.

☽ check out Nicole Jardim, The Period Girl, she helps women reclaim their hormonal health naturally and offers a fab quiz to help you find out what's going on with your period.

☽ Bryony's youtube channel, Precious Stars Pads, talks about all things period related, including excellent reviews of alternative menstrual products.

Put A Cup In It have the most amazing quiz to match you with your perfect cup, as well as menstrual cup comparison charts + much more.

☽ the Environmenstrual campaign by Women's Environmental Network promotes healthy eco-friendly menstrual products through workshops + campaigns. an excellent resource on all things environmental about periods.

bleeding in ireland

if you are doing taboo-busting work on periods in Ireland get in touch to be listed here!

Homeless Period Ireland are an incredible Irish organisation collecting donations around the country for menstruators who cannot afford or access menstrual products.

Endometriosis Association of Ireland are a brilliant organisation providing info + support for all affected by endometriosis, as well as raising awareness + fostering research + understanding of endometriosis.

Your Cycle Matters is run by Lisa de Jong, an incredible menstruality coach + consultant helping women connect with the cyclical rhythms of their menstrual cycle.

Routes of Life is run by Catherine, who holds empowerment circles for young people + parents to nurture self-esteem + nourish loving relationships, guiding them on their path to adulthood in the UK + Ireland.