the MÍOSTA project developed out of my own experiences of receiving no menstrual education throughout my schooling in Ireland. while studying my MA in gender studies in the Netherlands I held a period-filled event for menstrual hygiene day 2017 with menstrual advocates, educators, artists + researchers. following the success of this event I led workshops on reusable + alternative menstrual products + taught lectures on menstrual activism. MÍOSTA brings all these experiences together to create an exciting taboo-smashing project!

MÍOSTA aims to break the silence, shame + stigma that can so often surround periods by holding interactive, engaging and empowering menstrual education workshops at universities, schools + communities around Ireland. MÍOSTA workshops are open to people of all genders, whether they are menstruators or not.

all the bloody best!

ps : : míosta kind of means 'period' or 'menstruation' in Irish . . .
and it's very close to moist!